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DOOM 4 - Red Band Box Cover - Fan Art by Carnaga
DOOM 4 - Red Band Box Cover - Fan Art
We all saw that generic cover art developers published: piss yellow master chief generic art that suits with every scifi game out there. I'm not saying it's bad but seriously, it's too generic. So I was puzzling in my mind what I was expecting from the box cover art. You remember the original Doom? The general color of the game was red (game menu, the fights in Hell) with all this blood and gore. When id software released the reveal trailer where you saw this remastered Cyberdemon and the camera was gliding through the skin and cybernetics -- I was expecting the box cover art would be something like that.

Thought the biggest wish I had was that they actually would have remastered the original Doom Cover art from the year 1993. To give you a glimpse, here is a fan made cover art based on Doom 1993 by @agentscarlet ->

The background image is from the developers - a 4k screenshot of Cyberdemon taken by id software and Bethesda studios.
All logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners: id software and bethesda studios. Windows logo by Microsoft. Rating pending by Entertainment Software Rating Board.
The Glossy splatter stock brushes made by @pstutorialsws ->
The Iron Man HUD Tech stock brushes made by @superjabba425 ->
TB Dubstep
Friend asked me to create an animated looping logo. He loves to make music. So here it is: the .gif version of logo.

The round Hi-Tech Shape is originally made by reap
You can find these shapes from here:…

Other elements by me. I did it with old fashioned way in photoshop. The animated logo includes 20 frames and 414 separate layers. 400 layers were related to Audio Spectrum. In the spectrum there is 20 blocks in 20 groups - each one of them made separately. 11 layers are on the hi-tech shape animation and 2 static text layers plus the background. Time-wise it took about two to three hours to come up with the idea and execute it. And about one hour to tweak it including exportion to several video formats and to looping gif.


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
My name is Amer and I live in Finland. What comes for my leisure time… I love bicycling. Last year I cycled about 6000 km with different trekking trips. 6k km cycling is kind of lame but this year I’m hopefully going to do better starting the season with 'Tour de Tampere' =^.^=

But let’s move forward to the part which is the most important for me: photographing. As you can figure out from my gallery, I’m not a professional and I don’t consider myself as a photographer – I’m just a guy who takes pictures.

I’m still seeking my own style and so far – as you can see – my pics are really random. I have lot’s to learn and keeping that in mind, I really have to thank you all: the visitors, commentators and specially all the watchers who are following my ‘open mind photo snaps’ evolving and helping me to evolve.
At first we were supposed to go "Tour de LatEst" route. Tour de LatEst covers about 1292 km, but because we had 12 days in our hands, we decided to take an other route which was partly following Tour de LatEst. So for past two weeks I've been cycling in Estonia and Latvia.

Our bicycle trip started from Tallinn from where the route continued clockwise covering the eastern parts of Estonia and northern parts of Latvia. We included Riga, Gulf of Riga coastline and Estonia's both islands to our trip. In the end we cycled total of 1163 km in our 12-day journey. Here's an illustrative map of our route:
1163 km bicycle route by Carnaga

The first couple days were rough. Not only because we were chased by a storm but because of lack of sleep: We arrived to the harbour (in Tallinn) at midnight and we had to cycle about 3 hours to get out of the city and find a proper camping place. It was about 03:00 when we got into our tent. After 4-5 hours of restless sleep we continued our cycling. The pressure to get caught with the storm and the strong wind didn't help much. Luckily we avoided the heavy rains with our cycling phase =^.^=

Here is a shot from "Road 39" and the storm which was chasing us:
The Route 39 and Storm Clouds by Carnaga

We had quite tight schedule but I managed to take some shots. Mostly I just enjoyed the scenery, attractions, towns and cities we passed by.

The Valley of Sigulda by Carnaga Snail on asphalt by Carnaga

Plain fields by Carnaga

To put short, I loved our 12-day bicycle trip even thought we encountered some problems from stormy weathers to speeding cars and scary big trucks in narrow roads, flat tires and teared outer tubes:
Broken tire by Carnaga

Despite the bicycle trip was fun, It's good to be home :D

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